Let Me Introduce Myself

Dr Timothy M. Barr grew up in Colorado and received his undergraduate degree in Human biology from Ft. Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. His major was a pre-medical intention but he had not decided what field he was interested in. His initial interest in health care was driven by a need to solve his own health problems. Having suffered from back and neck pain following a rear end collision as a teenager and also long term problems with indigestion his studies in nutrition and herbal medicine led him to chiropractic care which offered the solution. He got relief for both the neck pain and indigestion that no other form of treatment had accomplished. Dr Barr attended Logan College of Chiropractic, a 10 semester program, and graduated in 1982 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Dr. Barr has been serving central Indiana families for over 40 years. Barr Chiropractic was opened in 1982. Dr. Barr lived and worked in Columbus Indiana for 25 years. In 1987 a second office, Nora chiropractic, was opened at 86th and Westfield blvd, Indianapolis and maintained until 1996 when Brown County Village Chiropractic was opened in Nashville Indiana. Dr Barr continued to operate both in Columbus and Nashville until 2011 and now practices solely from the Nashville office.